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Promotional video is a powerful tool when...

it captures the heart of a cause, the mission and spirit of a company or the usefulness of a product.

VisualCraft can help any company or non-profit organizations bring the viewer to a better understanding of just what it is that they offer. We've created videos used to raise funding for building programs, children's homes, animal shelters, foreign missions programs as well as videos targeted at selling a specific service or product.

Click on a link below to view samples of our promotional video work


Wilderness Trek - A five day faith-building adventure, backpacking in the mountains of Colorado.

3 Climbing Higher - Developed as a fund raising tool for the North Atlanta Church of Christ building campaign.

MacArthur Training - An opening video for a promotional CD. Used to advertise the company and what they have to offer.

3 Noah's Ark - Designed to raise funding and awarness for this amazing animal rehab/children's home effort.

"Foundations"- Promoting one of the powerful classes taught on commercial real estate by Wells University.


Solid Rock Ranch - A fund raising effort for a new Christian children's home in Indiana.

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